High Availability - protecting your data

The requirements database systems have to meet regarding failure safety, availability and scalability increase continuously. Downtime is expensive, damages your image and will threaten the existence of your business.


Therefore High Availability solutions are essential for professional companies and the handling of their sensitive data. Informix high availability solutions assures business continuity in the following scenarios:

  • Hardware chrash
  • Logical database failures
  • Unforeseen load peeks
  • External effects (e. g. fire loss, water damage)

Security does not mean you have to pay a huge amount of money. Because of our experience in the field of High Availability / Desaster Recovery we are capable to offer you financially attractive solutions exactly for what you need.

For the realization of Informix High Availability and Desaster Recovery solutions we benefit from a broad portfolio of technical, marketing and software licensing possibilities for the IBM Informix Database Server which is offered by IBM as “MACH” – Multi Node Active Cluster for High Availability.

In case of heterogenuous database environments and a required isolation of the source databse server and the data exchange between the servers we use IBM InfoSphere Data Replication (IDR/IIDR) respectively IBM Infosphere Change Data Capture (CDC).  IBM Change Data Capture is a log based replication which unburdens the source database server in order to meet high performance requirements.

The bandwith of all Informix High Availability Features (HDR, RSS, SDS, CLR, ER) + IBM InfoSphere Data Replication is trained in Informix Database Server training seminar and workshops

We consult you in the best possible way and realize all types and sizes of IBM Informix High Availability Solutions as follows:

  • IBM Informix Grid
  • High Availability Data Replication (HDR)
  • Enterprise Replication (ER/CDR)
  • Remote Standalone Secondary (RSS)
  • SDS (Shared Disk Server)
  • Continuous Log Restore (CLR)
  • Connection-Manager
  • IBM InfoSphere Data Replication/IBM InfoSphere Change Data Capture (CDC)


If there is further demand of high availabiltiy solutions not in the IBM Informix field only but in your new or replaced hardware environment, too (eg. SAN, Hardware virtualization) we cooperate with qualified and certified partners active in the field of data center services.

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