Informix - flexible, fast, safe!

Informix - flexible, fast, safe!

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Informix Advanced Enterprise Edition  Advanced Enterprise Edition

Includes Informix Enterprise Edition features, Informix Warehouse Accelerator (IWA) and the Storage Optimization feature + Cognos BI and SPSS. This edition represents the ultimate in data warehouse performance and scalability. This edition is available on 64-bit versions of AIX, Solaris, HP-UX, and Linux. The IWA component is available only for Intel based Linux. 

Important: only Informix versions 12.10 & 14.10 are supported


Informix Enterprise Edition  Informix Enterprise Edition

Includes nearly all Informix features on all supported platforms (Linux, Unix, Windows, Mac) for deployment and distribution with unlimited scalability. The Informix Enterprise Edition includes full Flexible Grid and cluster capabilities. Storage compression (Storage Optimization Feature) is available as an optional feature liable for costs. Informix Warehouse Accelerator (IWA), Cognox BI and SPSS are not included. There are no restrictions in the hardware resources (RAM, sockets, cores).

Important: only Informix versions 12.10 & 14.10 are supported


Informix Workgroup Edition  Workgroup Edition/Advanced Workgroup Edition

Provides powerful data management capabilities especially for midsized businesses, including unlimited replication cluster (ER) nodes and high availability options (HDR, RSS, SDS) up to 2 secon

daries. Informix Workgroup Edition is limited to 16 cores over a maximum of 4 sockets, and 16GB of memory. Informix Workgroup Edition allows unlimited data storage.

The Advanced Workgroup Edition is not available anymore since version 14.10 has been released in spring 2019. Built around the same Informix Warehouse Accelerator technology available with the the Informix Advanced Enterprise Edition, the Informix Advanced Workgroup Edition offering brings comparable performance and capabilities to the mid-market but offers no data compression. The IWA component is available only for Intel based Linux. The Growth Warehouse can be put on a machine that has up to 16 cores and 48 GB of RAM allowing customers the potential to accelerate data mart sizes up to 250 GB or sometimes a little more, depending on the compression obtained. Darta marts exceeding the size of 250 GB significantly needs the Advanced Enterprise Edition.

Important: only Informix versions 12.10 & 14.10 are supported


Informix Express Edition  Express Edition

Informix Express Edition is the entry level database management system for small and medium-sized companies. The Express Edition combines performance and reliability with simplicity in installation and handling. Informix Express Edition is liable for costs and offers value for money. Informix Express Edition is available on Linux, Unix, Windows and Mac plattforms. The usage of this edition is limited to max. 8 GB memory and max. 4 cores. Unlimited data. In version 14.10xC2 max. 16 GB memory and up to 8 cores are supported.

Important: only Informix versions 12.10 & 14.10 are supported


Informix Choice Edition  Choice-Edition

The Informix Choice Edition was withdrawn from the market since Informix 12.10 has been released in March. It is not availble any more! Companies needing an entry database should select the enhanced Informix Express Edition which delivers comparable functionalities and very attractive pricing.  Informix Express Edition includes limited HA (HDR, SDS, RSS) and limited enterprise replication (2 root nodes).


Informix Innovator C-Edition  Innovator C-Edition

Innovator C-Edition is a free database downloadable for end customers only (no ISVs). It enables small businesses to use the most common database functionality in workgroup computing. It is limited to 1 core, 2GB RAM and 8 GB installed data. Can be installed in productive environments. Product support is optional and liable for costs ( IBM selected support).


Informix Developer Edition  Developer Edition

A free database that includes all Informix features for individual application development and testing only (30 days). Available on several platforms. Informix Developer Edition is limited to 20 user, 1 core, 1 GB RAM and 8 GB installed data. Must not be installed in productive environments. It is available on a wide range of operating systems in 32- and 64-bit versions where appropriate. You can upgrade from the Developer Edition directly to any other edition simply by installing the new database binaries.


Overview about Informix versions: 


Informix Support Lifecycle

Are you sure that your actually used Informix database version is still supported by IBM? Possibly your Informix database is an "end of support" (eos) version which is not maintained any more. In this case necessary producer support could be very expensive for you. Below an overview about the "end of support" dates of common Informix database versions:

  • IDS  7.30  -  3/2003
  • IDS  7.31  -  9/2009
  • IDS  9.21  -  6/2004
  • IDS  9.40  -  3/2003
  • IDS 10.00  -  9/2010
  • IDS 11.10  -  9/2012 
  • IDS 11.50  -  4/2018
  • IDS 11.70  -  9/2020

If you are still using one or several of the above mentioned Informix versions, we recommend to make an update on a newer, still supported Informix version (IDS 12.10 or IFX 14.10) as soon as possible. You will safe costs and benefit from the advantages in the field of performance and security the newer releases offer to you.

If your currently used Informix version is not maintained any more you should purchase an actual Informix release in order to minmize financial risks and to profit from the new enhancements and functionalites of Informix.

If you are interested to update your Informix database we guide you informing you about the most attractive ways to license, purchase and configure the new Informix software which is most suitable for you.

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