Informix Licensing -complex but profitable!

IBM is offering user based and processor based license models for the Informix Database Server. Licensing types have been changed over the years and will be flexible in the future, too. This process reflects the technical development as well as the strategy of the producer.

Actually available are the Authorized User Single Install (AUSI) – which represents the former Authorized User (AU) – and the Registered User (RU).

You license:

  • a person known by name
  • or a specific application
  • who/which can access to a software
  • by usage of unlimited concurrent connections
  • independent from the fact if the person or application is active


Until 31.12.2017 proccessor based license models had been represented by the licensing metrics of Processor Value Unit (PVU) and Limited Use Socket (LUS). Since 2018 the LUS Option is not available any more.

You license:

  • the used processor technology (vendor, brand, type of processor)
  • the processor power described in Value Units (VU)
  • the number of used processor sockets for Informix


Since Informix the release of v14.10 there is a new license metric called Virtual Processor Core (VPC). In contrast to the PVU metric every used core is calculated on a fixed price level. The capacity of the used processor does not matter. In most cases VPC is cheaper than PVU.

Important: if you run a typical Informix High Avilability Cluster (eg High Availability Data Replication) consisting of two cluster nodes at minimum and assuring a failover in case of an emergency, you do not need to license the second cluster node extra! Only if you access to the second cluster node during the normal service you need to buy Informix licenses extra. Type and scope of required licenses can be different in this case.

This overview highlights the most important facts. For licensing details and specific opportunities in your individual environment please have a look at our chapter License Optimization or contact us directly using our contact information.


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