Informix Users heads up! In March 2019 Informix 14.10 has been released! Informix 14.10 is the first major release since 2013. It will succeed Informix 12.10 which has been onto the market for 6 years. That is why you can expect a lot of new and enhanced features in the fields of Performance, Security, Administration, Monitoring and IoT.

Furthermore there are some changes in licensing – to the benefit of the Informix user. Features, which have been liable for costs recently, are now included in some versions. Additionally hardware and memory limits for specific versions have been elevated.

Below you find the most essential news at a glance:

  • Up to 10% faster for standard OLTP transactions from previous IFX versions
  • Up to 5x improvements in replication log replay enables near
  • zero latency allowing faster recovery time objective in desaster
  • Automated setup Enterprise Replication between two servers
  • Increased security for encryption keys and Transport Layer Security
  • New graphical tool that elevates administration and monitoring (IFXHQ)
  • Enhanced NoSQL-Support (Mongo & REST listener)
  • Enhanced options - Workgroup edition offers higher hardware limits
  • storage optimization is now available in Enterprise Edition at no extra Charge




Informix plays a key role for companies active in all branches – worldwide. You will find the IDS in retail, in banks, in the public sector, in logistics but also in the energy, telecommunication, aerospace and industrial 4.0 environment. Informix 14.10 will make it’s contribution to this development.

And what does Informix 14.10 means for you? Rethink you Informix environment – not only technical but also taking into consideration the TCO. Check your requirements regarding memory and hardware limits, benefit from the new included features and softened limits, does it make sense to replace your Informix Enterprise Edition by using the enriched Workgroup Edition? Do you still need the Informix Enterprise Advanced Edition or does the regular Enterprise Edition, including the data compression feature from now on, fits? Do NoSQL and TimeSeries become more important for you in the future?

Contact us. Together with you we will check what your best option. If required we will support you in the implementation of Informix 14.10, too.

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