You would like to administer safely your Informix database by using all the offered Informix features and functionalities in an optimal way – and all this benefiting from attractive conditions?


hamburg data provide you with the most suitable offerings for IBM Informix trainings and Workshops.

The contents of our Informix seminars are continuously adapted to the latest developments and release cycles of the Informix Database Server. To make the seminars a success story for your company we focus on an early information exchange with your Informix administrators – taking into consideration their knowledge level, needs and wishes in order to make them fit in the best possible way. Our Informix training seminars are comparable with the IBM Informix Trainings listed below:



Important: There is no minimum number of participants. Every seminar can take place in your Company. If you would like to focus on specific points - no problem, we can customize the Informix training according to your needs. The seminar contents can be delivered as a workshop, too!


IBM Informix Server Administration Basics

In this course you are instructed in the fields of conception, structure, installation and configuration of the IBM Informix Database Server (IDS).

You learn to:

Details: IBM Informix Server Administration   


IBM Informix Server Administration Advanced

In this course you are instructed how to handle the Informix database in daily usage, and to use it’s functionality in the best possible way.

You learn to:

Details: Informix Server Administration Advanced   


IBM Informix Server Replication and High Availability

In this course you are instructed to install, handle and monitor an Informix replication and to use further HA features.

You learn to:

Details: IBM Server Replication and High Availability   


Structured Query Language (SQL)

In this course you are instructed to use the SQL language. By means of easy and complex SQL queries you will learn to search for, insert and manipulate data in a relational database.

You learn to:

Details: Structured Query Language (SQL)


Informix Warehouse Accelerator (IWA)

In this course you are instructed in the fields of conception, structure, installation, configuration and usage of the Informix Warehouse Accelerator (IWA). You will learn to create, define and administrate data marts by using the Smart Mart Analytics optimizer Studio and benefiting from the performance optimization techniques of the IWA.

You learn to:

Details: Informix Warehouse Accelerator   


IBM InfoSphere Data Replication (Change Data Capture)

In this course you are instructed in the fields of conception, components, installation and configuration of IBM InfoSphere Data Replication (IBM InfoSphere Change Data Capture) in a practical and compact way. You will notice the advantages of a log based replication and get informed about suitable use cases as well as about the definition, creation, handling and monitoring of the replication. After finishing this seminar you know the performance enhancements resulting from using IBM InfoSphere Data Replication. You are able to transfer your knowledge into projects or/and into daily operation. 

You learn to:

Details: IBM InfoSphere Data Replication   


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