Informix data replication (IDR/IIDR) enables a reliable and powerful data synchronization taking into consideration meanwhile updated data. In most use cases High Availability Data Replication (HDR), Continuous Log Restore (CLR) and Enterprise Replication (CDR/ER) meet the requirements regarding speed and reliability perfectly.


But there are some scenarios where HDR, CLR und CDR/ER are not or less suitable for moving data from one server to another:



IBM InfoSphere Data Replication (IBM InfoSphere Change Data Capture), in short named CDC, is a log based replication which unburdens the source database server. CDC is capable to exchange data in heterogeneous environments between different databases or to replace Informix replication (HDR, CLR, CDR/ER) used for high data volume if availability and performance is a problem. Your applications have not to be changed.

IBM Infosphere Data Replication offers a broad range of options. In the easiest scenario you will move directly data from one database server to another. You can also exchange one source table directly into a target table. Additionally you can move data also per column. You can combine CDC with ETL tools and use filter options. Performance-Monitoring for source and target server is possible. Potential bottlenecks are shown as alerts.

IBM Infosphere Data Replication is installed and licensed on processor basis on the source and target database server.

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