Informix offers the benefit of the so called „small footprint“. You can install and run Informix on very small servers or use it with mobile devices. Only the server architectures limit the scalability. Informix 12.10 eliminates this scalability limit using “Sharding”.

Sharding spreads OLTP queries across several servers in order to improve performance and scalability. The most essential features are already available with Informix 12.10. Additional features will be added steadily. User capabilities will be enhanced. But what is “Sharding” and which are the benefits of using it?

Further benefits:

As of Informix 12.10xC6 „sharded queries“ are executed parallel. This means minimized response time, less memory and reduced network traffic.

If your system environment is characterized by:

Informix "Parallel Sharding" is a must for your business!