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If so think about the usage of Solid State Drives (SSDs). They will accelerate your Informix database performance.

It is for sure: a single SSD is faster than a disk drive under any circumstances! In average by factor 10–100. But how fast it is, depends from a variety of parameters.

Many well known soft- and hardware producers recommend to use SSDs for shifting existing performance levels – but despite of this: most important for the success of the SSD usage is your individual Informix requirement and the needs of your clients!

It is not a question if SSDs can speed up your Informix database performance (of course they will do) – you have to decide if it is worth to invest your money by factor x into SSDs in order to gain performance improvements by factor y. Costs and value have to be in due proportion.  

What’s the difference between SSDs and Disk drives? Which benefits a SSD offers? What about it’s lifetime? Are there different qualities of SSDs? Which data should be put on a SSD? Are there specific configuration requirements? What about the price? All these questions have to be answered before.

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Informix runs great on SSDs!

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