On 26 March 2013 IBM has announced the new major release Informix v 12.10. It is now available for purchase and usage and offers a plenty of new and practical oriented features in the following fields:

One highlight of Informix 12.10 are the long awaited enhancements in compression. From now on Informix offers “Index Compression” and “BLOB Compression”. This leads to significant reduction of I/O and disk space. You can consolidate free space in indexes (repack) and return free space to the dbspace (shrink). Furthermore you can benefit from an automated table compression.

These features are liable for costs (as it was before) and are offered in the “new” Informix Enterprise Edition (which was named Ultimate Edition before). The new Informix database top version “Informix Advanced Enterprise” comprises the compression features without extra costs. 

Besides this good news there is also one drop of bitterness: IBM has increased prices by 5 % in average.

In addition to technical enhancements there are changes in the Informix packaging. Editions, licensing and hardware/software limits have been modified partly. Eg. the Choice Edition was withdrawn, Informix Express Version has been enriched, database server editions have been renamed (Workgroup/Enterprise) and limits are hardcoded. 

In general: licensing issues and analysis will become more important but if you pay attention to this matter you will save a lot of money.

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