Product support for INFORMIX Server Edition 11.10 running on all available platforms officially ends 30.09.2012. This refers to Enterprise, Workgroup and Express Editions of Version 11.10 and means that support even if covered by maintenance contracts as yet is not available any more. In order to avoid extra costs in support cases we suggest migrating to Informix11.70 xC5. Informix Edition 11.10 was already released in 2007. Since this time lots of new features have been developed – for this reason a migration to Informix 11.70 is a safe investment.

Starting on 01.01.2013 IBM lifts up the prices for IBM/Informix software by 3 % in Germany. This refers to license purchase from new, reinstatements and maintenance. If you plan to invest money into Informix software in the near future, we suggest buying Informix licenses still in 2012 in order to benefit from lower price levels.  

If you need consultancy migrating from Informix 11.10 to Informix 11.70 or an attractive offer for an Informix software purchase, please feel free to contact us!

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