The new Informix release 11.70xC5 has been released on 21st May. The focus is on bug fixing – nevertheless there are some very practical enhancements/features Informix users should know for their practical work. Improvements in administration, security und performance have been realized – also effecting Informix Time Series and Informix Data Warehouse functionalities. A brief overview you will find here:

Plan responses to medium-severity and low-severity event alarms - You can plan responses to severity 3, 2, and 1 event alarms for alarms with documented explanations and user actions.

Increased SQL statement length - The maximum length of SQL statements and SPL routines is 4 GB. The only exception is the length of the CREATE VIEW statement, which is restricted to 2 MB in length. The extended length is valid when using Client SDK 3.70.xC5 and JDBC 3.70.xC5. Previously, SQL statements were restricted to 64 KB in length.

Partition Refresh in DWH/IWA – The new Partition Refresh Feature enables the user to renew single partitions (fragments) in the data mart. In case of changes within the Informix database only the modified or added data have instead of the complete data volume have to be loaded into the data mart. Because of the specific selection of the renewed the loading time is reduced significantly.

Here you find an overview about the fixed bugs: