Already in spring 2011 IBM had offered the Ultimate Warehouse Edition representing the new „top of the line“ product of the IBM Informix Server portfolio. Since November 2011 also small and medium sized companies have the opportunity to benefit from warehouse data evaluation within seconds by using the Informix Growth Warehouse Edition.

The already known limits of the Growth Edition (GE) regarding sizing and hardware environment are still valid. The following limits have to be taken into consideration using the Informix Growth Warehouse Edition:

Because of the missing data compression IBM Informix Growth Warehouse Edition can be used for a database size up to 250 GB. If you manage more data you should use the IBM Informix Ultimate Warehouse-Edition for benefiting from good performance.

IBM IFX Growth Warehouse Edition is available on PVU-basis only from 142,00 EUR/PVU on. This is approximately one third of the costs of IBM IFX Ultimate Warehouse Edition.