NEW! Informix 14.10xC9

NEW! Informix 14.10xC9

Informix 14.10xC9 was released in October 2022! It is what we call a “small” release offering just a very few minor features. But there are important information about the discontinuation and changes of software (support) which should be present to administrators.

In the following we would like to give you a compact overview of the enhancements:

  • Java Version: except HP-UX and Solaris editions the internal IBM Java Version has been upgraded to
  • GSKit: the Global Security Kit, offering libraries and utilities for encryption and SSL/TLS features, was updated to v 0.55.26
  • InformixHQ: here you find documentation  updates regarding the default values for  ERROR, WARN, INFO, DEBUG. Logged information can be published in different destinations (e. g. database, file, console)
  • Server Security: Updates within the documentation inform about Keystores and how they provide a safe communication via TLS.
  • Discontinuation: Informix Encryption (Communication Support Module, CSM), used during data transfers (e.g. replications) is dropped. Instead of this TLS & SSL have to be used. In this context the corresponding configuration parameters are dropped (z. B. ENCRYPT_HDR).




You have questions about Informix 14.10xC8 in detail or Informix in general? You are planning a project and needs assistance? You are going to migrate to IFX 14.10 – keep in mind, that IFX 11.70 was “end of support” in September 2020 and that IFX 12.10 will be “end of support” in one or two years! Think about an update on time! Get in touch with us!

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