Informix 14.10xC7 was released in November 2021! It is not what we call a "big release" but it offers some interesting new features mainly in the fields of monitoring and administration.

A significant amount of work went into improving the monitoring tool Informix HQ which has been following the Open Admin Tool since Informix 14.10 was released the first time. Furthermore you may notice some additional onstat and oncheck options providing you with detailed status information which make adminstration tasks easier.

In the following we would like to give you a personal selection of new and enhanced features:

Beyond this you will find some more points which will improve the capability of the IDS.


You have questions about Informix 14.10xC7 in detail or Informix in general? You are planning a project and needs assistance? You are going to migrate to IFX 14.10 – keep in mind, that IFX 11.70 was “end of support” in September 2020 and that IFX 12.10 will be “end of support” in one or two years! Think about an update on time! Get in touch with us!

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