Informix User heads up! In September 2019 Informix 14.10 has been released! Besides the debugging v14.10xC2 offers a lot of new and enhanced features in the fields of administration, monitoring, replication and connectivity (Java).

Below you find the most essential news at a glance:

  • InformixHQ Enhancements (selection)
    • The Task Scheduler pages allows you to manage and customize tasks for your database server
    • The High Availability page makes it easy to visualize and monitor the functioning of your high availability cluster
    • The Enterprise Replication page visualizes and provides drill-down statistics about each Informix node participating in replication
    • The Memory Manager page allows you to visualize and monitor your database server's memory usage .
    • The Auto Update Statistics pages allows you to manage your automatic update statistics policies, ensuring your queries continue to run efficiently as your data changes over time.
    • Further customization enhancements like dashboards, SQL sensors, alerting incident
  • Enterprise Replication - the cdr migrate server command automates data migration tasks between two or more servers. This command also automates setting up of Enterprise Replication between two Informix server instances
  • Informix Change Streams client API allows you to easily stream changes made from a logged database in Informix into your Java application. The Change Streams client provides a high-level API that abstracts the details of the underlying streaming system. This allows you to get triggered events when there is a change to a specific table you instruct the API to watch. The API will trigger events in your application for changes to a database table



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