Informix Users heads up! In March 2019 Informix 14.10 will be released! Informix 14.10 is the first major release since 2013. It will succeed Informix 12.10 which has been onto the market for 6 years. You can expect new features in the fields of Performance, Security, Administration and Monitoring. An essential enhancement will be InformixHQ. InformixHQ is the logic progression of the IBM OpenAdmin Tool (OAT). InformixHQ is a modern web console for visualizing, monitoring, and managing your Informix server instances. Informix HQ provides critical performance management capabilities, monitors key performance metrics and tracks how efficiently Informix is running your workload. With InformixHQ you can manage and monitor as many Informix database server instances as you need. It is manageable and accessible from any desktop, laptop, or mobile device. InformixHQ is the path forward for an easy to install, use and comprehensible graphical monitoring, alerting, and administration of your Informix database servers.

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