What is InformixHQ?

InformixHQ is a modern web console for visualizing, monitoring, and managing your Informix server instances. It is easy to use, scalable and optimized for DevOps needs. Informix HQ provides critical performance management capabilities, monitors key performance metrics and tracks how efficiently Informix is running your workload. It's monitoring system feeds directly into a customizable alerting system so you can be immediately alerted via email, Twilio, or PagerDuty whenever an issue occurs on one of your Informix database server instances. With InformixHQ  you can manage and monitor as many Informix database server instances as you need. Moreover, it's a tool that can be shared by the DBAs, the app developers, the ops engineers. It is managable and accessible from any desktop, laptop, or mobile device. InformixHQ is the path forward for an easy to install, use and comprehensible graphical monitoring, alerting, and administration of your Informix database servers.

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InformixHQ is the logic progression and complement of the IBM OpenAdmin Tool (OAT).The OpenAdmin Tool for Informix is a web application for administering and analyzing the performance of IBM Informix database servers. You can administer multiple database server instances from a single OAT installation on a web server. You can access the web server through any browser to administer all your database servers.