In December 2016 IBM has released the new Informix Fixpack 12.10xC8. 

Besides the usual bug fixes Informix 12.10xC8 includes a lot of enhancements in the fields of Security, Application development und JSON compatibility. Additionally there are also some new features in Informix Time Series. Altogether it is a remarkable release which, besides all improvements in the NoSQL areas includes a variety of important improvements for the average user. 

Security: after configuring a new parameter DISK ENCRYPTION new dpspaces will be encrypted by default. This is completely transparent for the application. Existing dbspaces can be encrypted by usage of backup/restore. Space usage will not increase

Time Series: new functions enable analyzing time series data for pattern or abnormalities

JSON: several improvements in MongoDB API clients (eg. a new listener parameter)

JDBC: improved compatibility of the IFX native driver

Enterprise Replication: improvements setting up test environments or moving into production using “cdr list catalog”

Further information about new features you will find here: