IBM has discontinued the Informix Database Server Release 11.50 to 30.04.2018! This includes all Informix Editions (Express, Growth, Enterprise). The “end of support” announcement (eos) means that Informix 11.50 is officially not supported any more beyond the eos date – even if a valid Informix maintenance contract is existing.

If you are still using Informix 11.50 we recommend updating your database server to the actual available and supported release 12.10 as soon as possible. You will safe costs and benefit from the advantages in the fields of performance and security the newer release offers to you.

You are interested to migrate from Informix 11.50 to Informix 12.10 – and you will do it soon and not at the last moment? May be you are already planning changes and enhancements in your Informix environment? We guide you informing about the most attractive ways to license, purchase and configure the new Informix software which is most suitable for you by avoiding compliance and liability risks.