Manufacturing, IT and Internet melts increasingly. Factories become “smarter”. This means people, machines and products exchange information in real time in order to optimize production flows, quality and costs. Automatically software analyzes data in real time, identifies specific error patterns and locates problems. This kind of interaction between different fields of activity is known under “Industry 4.0“. Which role plays Informix in this context? Informix offers the base for the activity analysis by delivering Informix TimeSeries!

Example: You are a producer. You have to avoid downtime of your machines because of financial losses. Consequently you have to collect the machine data steadily and maintain your infrastructure predictive. To realize this goal you have to gather your data in real time, completely and reliable. Informix is perfect for this. Why? Informix offers a unique selling point – compared with other competitors Informix offers a specific data type managing time series data – the feature Informix TimeSeries!


If you offer measurement and control technology, or collect and analyze production-, machine-, and energy data or check materials and qualities then Informix TimeSeries is a "Must" for your company!

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